I can’t attend T&C 2018, what do I do?

We completely understand that things come up and you may not be able to attend the will be missed!


As of 01/27/18, our refund period for tickets has passed, as we are now less than 30 days from the start of the event.


To ensure that T&C 2018 is able to run smoothly and that we are able to plan for the correct number of attendees, we have implemented a strict refund cut off.


If you discover that you are unable to attend the event, nothing beats attending in person, but please check out the following list of options below and let our Customer Success Team know which option works best for you.


1. You can exchange your ticket for the Live Stream of the event. While this does not replace the experience of attending in person, it's still a great way to access all of the content. You will have access to each stage, live from the comfort of your home, and will even be able to switch between stages on the fly. In addition to this, wed like to offer a copy of the T&C 2018 recordings. This package is a value of $790.


2. If you have a subscription to one of our services we can offer to exchange your ticket for a credit towards access to the membership of your choice.


3. If neither of these options work, you are free to sell the ticket to a recipient of your choice. You can even attempt to sell them on one of our social media platforms. Just let us know the full name and email address of the recipient so we can make sure they are allowed in when the show starts.Please note- all transfer of payment will need to be handled by you and the new ticket holder directly.


Make sure you reach out to our Customer Success Team within 72 hours of the start of the event, they can be reached at (512) 600-4363 or support@digitalmarketer.comand will help get this all set up for you as soon as possible.


Please note, our team is currently handling a high influx of tickets and our response times are higher than normal. As long as your request is received within 72 hours of the start of the event, you will be all set and changes to your ticket will be honored within the live events policy. Thank you for your patience with us!