How can I get an invoice?

You are able to locate invoices for your purchases in DM Lab by navigating to the 'My Profile' page and then clicking on the 'Billing' tab.

Please reach out to the Customer Care team regarding invoices for DM HQ.

(512) 600-4363

***For purchases before March 2017***

Register for Customer Hub

We have a great system set-up for you to use to manage your account, subscriptions, and invoices. If you don't have a customer account registered with us you will want to get one set up right a way.


You can register at the link below: 


1. Fill out the form on the resulting page.

   Note: Please be sure to use the email address you used when purchasing.

2. Choose a password and click "Register my account"

Once you are set up you can:

  • Update your profile and billing info
  • View and print invoices
  • View your subscriptions Make online payments  

Already Registered?

If you are already registered use the link below to sign in. 

  1. Navigate to the My Account > invoices
  2. Select the purchase you want to view the invoice for


If you are not locating your purchases they may be under another email address that was used when purchasing. If this is the case you can register another account using the correct email address or contact support for further help.