Canceling your membership

To cancel your DigitalMarketer membership, you will need to contact Customer Success at (512) 600-4363 or email
You can also submit a request for cancellation by clicking this link:
Please note: Memberships will remain active through the end of the current billing cycle. DigitalMarketer Lab will remain accessible through the end of the billing cycle using the same login details. Your access to DigitalMarketer Engage will be removed at the end of the billing cycle.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for questions about the Lab refund policy.
Upon cancellation, you will retain access to any individually purchased Execution Plans or certification courses by using the same login details.


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    Jim MacDonald

    Hi. Please cancel my membership ( - Visa 1420) before renewal on May 10th.


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    Katrina Graue

    Good day, i have already submitted cancelation request but i have got billed again. I would like to get the refund for the payment and cancel my membership permanentrly and not get any more charges from the company in future. Thank you